Our  Family  Heritage                   


If  you  don't  care  about  your  heritage,
don't  worry.

Just  ignore  it.     It  will  go  away.

Then you'll never see it again.

This site is for families who care about their heritage.

You are not just a viewer of people's lives.

You are a living link to them.

They brought you here.

You can discover how you came here.

See how other families' heritage got lost . . .   Here.

Lost  Faces ...     Here.    and here.     and here.     and here.     and here.

. . .   In their families   . . .

After generations of caring  . . .  one person came along who did not care.

It takes just one person who does not care . . . then it is lost forever.

In a family's heritage, each new link must be made strong.

If one link breaks, the chain falls away forever.

History with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past,
trying to reconstruct its scenes to revive its echoes,
and kindle with pale gleams the passion of former days.

...  Winston Churchill

We must   always   treasure our heritage.

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Our  Family  Heritage                

Our family's past generations
could not know us.

But they knew
we would be here

With loving hands
they preserved this rich heritage
for us.

Now they have put it
into our hands.

After coming through
so many generations
of  loving  care . . .

Let  us   not   be
the first generation
who lost it.

Our family lived through pioneering times.

They made new lives in new lands.

These are their true stories.

They can benefit our children
in future times that we cannot imagine today.

Let's preserve our rich heritage with the same loving care,
and give it onward to our future generations.