San Antonio Tx
May 12 1939

Dear Joe

Will try to answer your letter today    I was sure glad to hear from you and to hear that you are feeling well    Take good care of your self.  We are all well    Annie & the children spent the day hear yesterday    they are all well and seem to be getting along all right but they miss you so much    the children always talk about Daddy.  I wish you could see Carl Ann she is so pretty & smart beging to talk so plain    she says boy & dog & several other things    she is sure gramma baby wont have any thing to do with no one else.  She is a little Darling so sweet & pretty    I said to her yesterday where is daddy & you ought to see her look all around.  Jimmie is getting so fat you can hardly see his eyes.  Jody is growing very fast and not very fat.

Sister was up Easter Sunday.  And of course came like Santa Claus with baskets rabbits Teddy bears and all kinds of toys.  They got 11 baskets    I taken Jimmie & Jody to church Easter Sunday    they behaved so nice in church I was proud of them    Jessie has got them to wear suits & they look so nice.

Joe there is one thing I want you to get after Annie about    she is doing all her work wont even get her washing done   she is trying to do every thing her self.    Annie is getting very thin fell off several pounds since you left    I have tryed to get her to have her washing & iron done even offered to pay for it but she wont lisen to me & it worries me for I know she has her hands full with the children so dont let on I told you but ask her to get her washin done.  She gets her money on the eight of the month so dont worry about them they are getting along fine.  but miss you so much.    We go up often for I worry over them especilly the children.

Joe you ought to see my roses you planted and Gerennans they sure look beautiful    the roses are all pink except two which are yellow & white but they are pretty    my back yard is so pretty too

Pop put up the fence and every thing looks nice.  Now I must tell you about the chickens  they are laying there heads off    we get all the eggs we can use   give Annie 3 dozen a week & all we want    during the month of April we got a hundred & ninty eight, and so far this month we got a hundred.  so you see I am proud of them    And the children have all the eggs they can eat

Jessie & Carl are both well    they got them a Lectriclux yesterday    it only cost two hundred & 50 not much.  Jessie says to write to her & Carl    they would like to hear from you.  Ernest is well but out of work    times are getting dull in the oil fields    I worry over him now.  I still have my boarder uncle Charley he is still complaing    takes to much medcine all he does is eat & run to the toilet.

Just think Joe you will soon be your two months & it seems longer than that to us all.  I hope you will stay well and take good care of your self and be careful of your hip.

Joe I sure do thank you for the nice Mother card you sent it was sure sweet in you to remember me & I surely appreciate it.

Well the election came off Tuesday    Mayor Quinn was defeated    Murry Maviack is our Mayor now    Pop is sure mad for he dont like Maviack

Well Joe I guess I will have to close for this time for I have no more news to write about

With lots of love from all

As ever


write soon