April 27, 1943

My Dear Joey,

       It has been such a long time since I have had a letter from you.  I'm wondering if you have forgotten all about me.  I never forget you and don't want you to forget me.  I would love so much to see you and Jimmie, Carol Ann and your Mother.

       Joey son, do you know that Sunday, May 9th is Mother's day?  I am sending a money order of $10.00, five for you and five for Jimmie.  I want you both to buy something nice for your Mother on Mother's Day, will you please.  It will make her very happy to have her sons give her something on that day -

       Write to me and tell me all about Easter and all about your self and Jimmie, Carol Ann and your Mother.  Tell Jimmie to write to me also.  Tell me about your garden and school.  Surely wish I could be there with you.  It shouldn't be too long now (I hope).

       Well Joey boy, give my love to Mother, Carol Ann and Jimmie, and don't forget to write to me.

                  With lots and lots of love,