May 8, 1943

My Darling Anne ---

       It seems an awfully long time since I've heard from you ---   I'm so sorry baby, that you burned your hand, you should be more careful --  Hope your hands are well by this time.

       I received Joey's letter today and was surely glad to hear from him again.  He writes such a nice letter, and appears so grown-up.  I suppose he is growing up pretty fast, in fact, all three of the children are growing up too fast --  makes me feel terribly old ---

       Sugar, you must have some garden from what Joey says, having everything to eat.  Wish I could be there to help you eat all those things.  The food around here isn't too bad now, of course I've seen it better, and I've seen it worse.  No one is starving and everyone looks pretty healthy so suppose it's ok.

       Darling, you can tell the children that I did not kill that cat, and don't expect to kill one unless he gets me cornered.  I don't care that much for cats, not even house cats, and this type does not make a good pet at any age, they are almost impossible to tame to where they're safe pets --

- 2 -

       Darling, tomorrow is Mother's Day.  Just a year ago tonite, about this time, I was arriving home, to you, the sweetest little mother and wife anyone ever had.  That was a very happy day for me.  I wish it were so again tonite.  I love you darling, so very much -- You have been everything a man can expect a wife to be -- Besides being a sweet, affectionate, and devoted wife, you have given me three sweet children that any man could love.  You have always meant so much to me, and I love you for all that.  On this Mother's Day, darling, I wish you all the happiness in the world, and anything in my power, I'll do to make you happy forever.  And hope that I may be with you on all the rest of these days so I won't have to write and try to tell you what's in my heart.

       Give my love to the children, and tell them I'll write to them in a couple of days.  Give my regards to all the folks.  I'll get around to writing to them pretty soon, seems like I owe everyone a letter now, so will have to get started pretty soon.

       Well darling, be sweet as you have always been and write real often, and don't forget that I love you and the children an awful lot ---

                  Yours Forever