Wyoming Ills
June 15 - 1920

Jesse and family

    How are you all   we are having some warm weather just now and it gets away with me_   I work in my garden in the morning and sit in the shade.  The family are all well   just at present Dean is clerking in a Store and has a good job  he worked in the same store once before but he though he would like the carpener work and he tried it but it was no job for the winter mos   rainy days he lost too much time that way and the man liked him and prevailed on him to try it again.  So I guess he has a job as long as he wants it

    Marie sang a solo on decoration day to a hall crowded and she sang the music that you sent her.  We will keep old glory fling  (...)   and several ask her where she got it.  of course she told them you sent it from camp Dix when you was there

I am sending a package by parsel post and some photoes.  I am sorry that they are not very good    Minnie took them.  Ed has wanted the four generations for a long time but Dean was never ready, but we are there at last   if they are not so good the light was too strong.  I think that of the children is better than the others   the small one they got me last winter over to Eckley when getting warm by the register   that the door going up stairs at my back

    Ed and wife, a friend and wife, are coming up from Peoria Sunday to spend the day with me in a auto

Ed has a good job in the Standard Oil Co.   110.00 a month.  but it cost so much to live now adays.

I should like to heare if you got your package, and how you all are.  Dean is coming after me to go down town so must close

      with a good good by to all

               L  C  Winn