Peoria Illinois
Dec 19 - 1921

Well how you and family

    by this time I have been nurseing a bad cold the past two weeks. and am not very good in health yet, we got word over the Phone last night from Dean that his little daughter Mary Jane had past away that morning.  She has not been well from her birth a frail little three month old and while they will miss her she is better off out of this world of trouble

Ed and Minnie will go to the funeral Tuesday and leave me here.  a friend of their wll stay with me, as I am not well enoug to mak the trip in the cold.

    We are shure glad of your good fortune.  Such luck dont seem to hit the Winn families

I have to do something to pass a way the long days here alone, so Minnie gets me peices of the aprons that they mak at the shop where she works. and I piece them into quilt tops.  I have made three since I came in October, they are not handsom but I take the scraps and do the best I can with them.  Ed and Minnie come home at noon for a lunch and cup of coffee. that cuts the long day in two.  Ed drives a truck now and can come in it. at noon but has to come at night in the street car, leave his truck at the plant.  Cornell did not buy the house. his wife said the did not want the old house. and that settled that   he had his trouble writing to you for nothing.  your Wyoming friends Harty Block Smith are all well

      Love and good wish's to all

               L  C  Winn

415 Warner Ave
Peoria Ill