The Evergreen

1   Love cannot be the Aloe tree
   Whose blossom but once is seen
   Go search the grove -- the tree of love
   Is shure the Evergreen
   For that's the same in leafe or frame
   Neath cold or sunny skies
   You take the ground its roots have bound
   Or it, transplanted dies
2   That love thus shoots and firmly roots
   In womans heart, we see
   Though smiles and tears in after years
   It grows a fadeless tree
   The tree of love all trees above
   Forever may be seen
   In Summers bloom or Winters gloom
   A hardy Evergreen

Alfd Shore
 Please to Write Soon as Posible



     Made by Myself
                    A T Shore

     My Dear Delia Shore
   If I see you no more
   May our hearts ne'r fail to reveal
   The joys, and the cares
   That each of us bears
   Until Death our minds shall conceal
2   Make use of your pen
   To Alfred your friend
   Who with joy will receive your good news
   And in return you shall find
   That I am not far behind
   For your friendship I would not like to loose

Please do not show this to anyone
its such bad writting
       Do better next time

I could keep on writting such poetry as that for 2 hours but I have no time now