The Song of the Anglophile Snobs

God bless the Queen so say we all
God bless her dear old soul
And God bless Mrs Langtry and
'Is Royal 'Ighness too!
Lets put our Yankee money in their opulent bank rolls,
To buy sweets for Tommy Atkins,
With 'is 'eart so strong and true
God bless the British soldiers, who are shooting at the Boers!
Almighty bless the English flag -- three cheers for Johnny Bull!
To hell with Yankee soldiers in their fight for you and yours;
Let 'em rot out in the Philippines
Unless they've got a pull.


Handcuffs and legirons, padded cells and dope
Send 'em on to Otis, likewise chain and rope;
Let the boys in blue go daffy -- who gives a cuss?
While her Gracious Majesty so blooming good to us.

2nd Verse

They're coming over every day, their brains turning upside down;
Thirteen plunks a month they get, and lucky if they eat;
Ninety thousand of 'em -- damn 'em! -- from the farm and town;
Heads burned bald by tropic suns and mud sores on their feet;
Sucker boys in blue, we say, to sail acrost the seas;
Let 'em fight and starve and rave three cheers for Johnny Bull!
Let 'em rot out in the Philippines ---
Let 'em beg for recognition on their bended knees
Unless they've got a pull.


3rd Verse

The dear old Mother Country how we love her, yes we do;
And how she loved our budding hearts in Independence days!
So what the deuce do we care for our slobs of boys in blue,
So long as Mrs. Langtry has her clever winning ways!
We want to put our money up for chocolate and cakes.
To glad the Garryowen Rips --- Three cheers for Johnny Bull.
And feed our sweating, fighting lads on legislative fakes!
Let them rot out in Philippines
Unless they've got a pull.