Westbury July 27 1850

     My Dear Brother and Sister    this comes with each of our love to you hopeing it will find you and all your familey in good health as this leaves each of us at preasent   thank God for it   Dr Brr we recd a letter from you last year which we answered it and we recd one this year dated May 23 1850 which we recd June the 19     your Brother have been to Bristol and enquired about the charge to America    it is 5 pounds 10s a head to new york     the Captain do find part of the Provision but not all for they have got 30 shilings to pay a head for every one that they land at new york     the Charge for passengers is near the same at other ports in England under an act of Parliment     there is 7 that would be glad to come if they posible could, for trade is very bad hear and it will be worse this Winter.     so Dr Brother if you should be able to help us over we should be glad to come as soon as posible and what ever expence you go to everyone is willing to to work and pay you again for they are all stedy and willing to work if they had it to do     Respecting the money you can pay aney sum of money at aney time at the post ofice and they will give you an order    you must
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send that order to us in a letter   then we must take that order to the post office here and what ever sum of money is named on it they will pay to us directly     they do it in this way for it to be safe as people in America do very often send money for their frends to go over there     Was some started to Liverpool yesterday that had money sent by a post office order     they are going 2 or 3 hundred miles from new york     you must ask for an order for what you intend to send and they will ask your name and trade  where you live and who you are going to send to there name and trade of them you send to and what post ofice you will send it to     Dr Brother we dont whant aney money to pay debts with as we dont owe aney more than what we can clear     We should like to come to you     the Captain said if we thought of coming we had better go before the ruf winds do set in    the weather is very fine at preasent     the wheat looks well but no work for people to do    they are leaving England very fast     if you would wish aney thing brought from England please to name it and if posible we will bring it     if we come Bristol is the nearest shiping to us    We
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can go from here by raillway or by waggon it is 2 hundred and fifty miles to Liverpool and tis but 30 to Bristol which we think Bristol will be the best     if Providence do turn up that we should ever go i hope it will be for the good of our bodys and souls and for the good of the children     your Brother is altered a greadeal for the best within the last 10 years and the children all turn out very steady which is a great blessing for us     Poor William is a soldier  he was drawn aside by bad company but he bears a very good character in it    he rites home very often    the Reigment is living in Irland    he has been in it more than 10 years     your brother had some work to do in Westbury and we have been staying hear ever since Christmas but the work will soon be over here so if you please you must direct to Mr Shore Cabt Maker Westbury Wilts and if you should send an order it must be at Westbury post ofice    but if you should not be able to get a post ofice order i have sent this bit of paper what they at the ship ofice gave your Brother     when he asked him if the america money would do to pay the Captain with he said we had better send that to you and if you wanted to send aney thing you would know what to do     so if you cannot make it convenient one way praps you may another     so dear Brotr we must leave it all in the hands of him that over ruleth all things   we must put our whole trust in him to  hopeing he will guide us safe through the great journey that we may see each other once more in love and peace if it the will of God
           from your Brother Sister
                  Thos M Shore

   (Outer page, folded and sealed with sealing wax)

Please direct to Thos Shore  Cabt Maker

Mr John Shore
Frankins Grove
Stark Co  Illinois
North America