A Brandenburg Biography

From:  "History of Frederick County"
by T.J.C. Williams and Folger McKinsey
Published 1910, L.R. Titsworth & Co.
Frederick County, Maryland

Here is an example of a family biography,
published in 1910 and preserved for future generations.

About Our Relationship

Our family's ancestor Wilhelm Heinrich Brandenburg and his wife Anna (maiden name unknown) came from Prussia to America in 1752 aboard the ship "Two Brothers".  The ship, commanded by Thomas Arnot, ship's master, sailed from Rotterdam, Holland, stopped briefly at Cowes on the Isle of Wight, England, and landed at Philadelphia on 15 September 1752.

At that time Wilhelm Heinrich (born 24 Aug 1722) was 30 years of age.

This biography mentions a Jacob Brandenburg as brother of Wilhelm Heinrich.  The relationship may be different from this.

A Jacob Brandenburg is a son of Alexander Heinrich Brandenburg, brother of Wilhelm Heinrich Brandenburg.

The Jacob Brandenburg in this biography might be the nephew of Wilhelm Heinrich Brandenburg, and not his brother.

This shows how difficult the task has been of establishing relationships between persons who came to America in the early years.

Our branch of the family is descended from Wilhelm Heinrich (anglicized to "William Henry") Brandenburg (1722-1796).

The family member in this biography is the grandson of Jacob Brandenburg (abt. 1740-1829).

Today, our family are cousins to the descendants of this family member.

He is one of 16 children.

This biography mentions our ancestor William's settlement in the Middletown Valley, Frederick County "on land still owned by his descendants".

It also mentions the Brandenburg family's efforts in the latter part of the 19th century to reacquire their title to the family's estates in Germany.


Garrison M. Brandenburg

GARRISON M. BRANDENBURG, one of the leading farmers of New Market District, Frederick County, Maryland, owner of the "Sarah and Elizabeth Farm," situated one mile north of Kemptown, Md., son of Lemuel and Charlotte (Kindley) Brandenburg, was born on the farm on which he now resides, April 16, 1845.

It is said that Prince Bismarck was a member of the Brandenburg family, which traces its origin to the province of Brandenburg, Germany. Jacob Brandenburg, the founder of the American branch of the family, was a native of Brandenburg, Germany, a member of a wealthy family, no doubt connected with the nobility. It is said that after the estate was confiscated by the crown it came into the possession of Prince Bismarck. During the reign of the father of the present emperor of Germany, the estate was restored to the Brandenburg family, and efforts have been made to gain possession of it, but all have proved unsuccessful.

Jacob Brandenburg, grandfather of Garrison M. Brandenburg, came to America with his two brothers, Mathias and William. Mathias settled in Kentucky; William in the Middletown Valley, Frederick County, Md., on land still owned by his descendants; and Jacob in the wilderness of Frederick County, on a farm in New Market district called "Chance," now the property of J. L. Baker, one of his descendants.

Jacob Brandenburg was married to Elizabeth Rine. Their children are: 1, William, married Rachel Purdum, died in Carroll County, Md. ; 2, John, deceased ; 3, Jacob, married , died in Montgomery County, Md. ; 4, Jesse, married in Flushing, Ohio, to Miss Turner, both deceased ; 5, Lemuel ; 6, Mary Polly, (Mrs. Walker), died near Fountain Mill, Frederick County; 7, Mahala (Mrs. Denton Watkins), she and her husband died in Ohio; 8, Priscella (Mrs. Thomas Baker), mother of J. L. Baker, of Frederick County.

Jacob Brandenburg died at his home in Frederick County, in 1829 at a ripe old age; his wife died in 1833. They were undoubtedly Lutherans.

Mr. Brandenburg's father, Lemuel Brandenburg, was born, in 1772, at the "Chance," his father's farm in New Market District, Frederick County, Md. He was educated in the schools of the district, and spent his life in the cultivation of the soil. Lemuel Brandenburg was married to Charlotte, daughter of Frederick Kindley, who did not reach old age. They began their useful married life on the farm now owned by their son, Garrison M. Brandenburg.

Their children are: 1, Jesse, born June 16, 1824, married Sally Purdum, died in Frederick County, in 18--, has ---- children; 2, Ezra, born January 28, 1826, married first to Miss Wortman and afterwards to Margaret Wenner, died in Frederick County; 3, Emily (Mrs. Rufus Purdum), born April 5, 1827, resides in Appomattox County, Va.; 4, Elizabeth, born May 12, 1828, widow of John Boyer, resides in Baltimore, Md.; 5, William R., born November 15, 1829, married Sarah Millineaux, both deceased; 6, Ann Priscilla, born February 11, 1831, widow of Rufus K. Day, resides in New Market District; 7, Lucinda, born June 12, 1832, widow of William Browning, resides in Montgomery County, Md.; 8, Emanuel, born November 20, 1833, married Anna Johnson, died in Johnsville, Frederick County; 9, Hephzibah, born April 24, 1835, married Greenberry Baker, both died in New Market District, Frederick County ; 10, Charlotte, born February 20, 1837, married Andrew Jackson Lease, both died in New Market District; 11, Lemuel, born June 12, 1838, died in early childhood; 12, Matilda (Mrs. John Bell), born February 7, 1840, died in Montgomery County, Md. ; 13, George E. L. H., born December 11, 1842, died in infancy; 14, Sarah, widow of Luther Brown, born February 4, 1843, resides in New Market District ; 15, Garrison McLain; 16, Mary Manzella (Mrs. Jonathan Jacobs), born March 4, 1849, resides in Gaithersburg, Montgomery County, Md.

Lemuel Brandenburg was a life-long Democrat. He was a pillar in the M. P. Church in Kemptown, Md. ; a member of Quarterly Conference, an officeholder, and a liberal giver. His home was always open to the preachers of his day, in fact he offered liberal hospitality to all. Mrs. Brandenburg died in 18--.

Garrison McLain Brandenburg was educated in the public schools of Frederick County. He was the son of a farmer, inured to hard work, and has devoted his life to the cultivation of the soil. He remained with his father working on the homestead until his father's death when he inherited the homestead, a farm of 221 acres, beautifully situated in New Market District. Mr. Brandenburg is a life-long member of the Democratic party.

Garrison McLain Brandenburg was married, in 1866, to Mary E., daughter of B. M. and Sarah Ann (Day) Norwood. Their children are: 1, Oscar M., of Kemptown, Frederick County, born June 27, 1868, married Miss Mollie Baker; 2, Matilda May, born October 20, 1869, at home; 3, Lemuel Reece, of Baltimore, Md., born November 15, 1870, married Lillia Tribby; 4, Eunice Estella (Mrs. William Norwood), born June 16, 1872, resides in Montgomery County, Md.; 5, Effie Clearfield, born February 12, 1877, at home; 6, Anna Myrtle, born October 29, 1878; 7, Cleveland LeRoy, born November 27, 1882, died in 1904; 8, Norma Oleanda, born March 5, 1884; 9, Kerby Brandenburg, born November 28, 1888, died in infancy.

Mr. Brandenburg is a member of Providence M. P. Church of Kemptown, Md.