My Fathers name was William    he was born in maryland    he lived in frederick county maryland    he was a miller when I knew hi but was a tanner by traid    he died in Erie Co Ohio  februar the 20 1871

my father was widower before marrige  before he married my mother he had one had her mam was Christean   my mother was not a widow before she married my father    My mother maiden mame Katy long   before her marrige to my father     She was buried Erie Co Ohio

my brother is ded  died in Erie Co Ohio
I have no brouther living
I have 2 Sisters a living
my sisters live in Erie Co. Ohio
my brothes mame was henery

my sisters that ar ded ar Luliann & hariet    I do not know thear ages

my gradfathe mam was William    he was born in maryland    he died cholera in new Carlisle august 17 1834    grand mother name before marrige Catharine Buzzarad  before hur marrige to grand father was not a widower before he married my grand mother    he reied (resided??) maryland   I do not what his buisness was in maryland    my grandmother was not a widow before her marrig to my grand father    i do not what deceis he died with    she was bueried in maryland   father has no brouther aliven   father has no sisters now liven    my grandfathes name was william

    they died in new carlisle clarke co Ohio   

my granfather is bueried new carlisle clarke co Ohio    I do not know there ages    my grate grandfather name william    I do not know my grate grandmothers nam was

I do not know they died